Youth Summer camp 2021
it's time!!!

Sleeping Bag,  noun
1. An insulation device used by young people who suffer insomnia due to uncontrollable laughter, 
unidentifiable odors, and adult snoring.
2. An ironic name for a portable bedding system that scientifically limits the act of sleeping to a maximum of 3 hours a night.

Wahoo! It's time for camp!

Hope Youth!  Grab a friend (or 4) and get signed up for Youth Summer Camp 2021!  Details are below. Or you can ignore the deets, live on the wild side, and signup now:

Summer Camp is going to rock!

Why? Because we'll be there! And you'll be there!
Because running into people while wearing a giant bubble ball is SOOO funny!
Plus  we'll do all this other fun stuff:
(NOTE: the following info is all made up. None of it is real. Mercy, it's not even sensical - not a word, but it should be.
Anyway, this is what bored web developers do when we don't have the info we need)

New stuff at this year's summer camp: 

Fight Sharks!

That's right. The mountains around Tucson actually contain a fairly high population of sharks! Who knew? And we're going to fight them! Why, you ask? Well, we did too. And then we asked, why not!?And then we stopped listening... We're pretty sure we know what we're doing.
(parental liability release waver required)

Ninja Training!

We have 3 and 1/2 full-fledged Ninjas in the Hope community. They are going to train us to throw ninja stars, walk without making any noise, and fight off a dozen armed men ... all while wearing tiny little slippers! Just like going to grocery store, masks are required for this event - Ninja masks! You know that's right.

Head Shaving Class!

God only made a few perfect heads... the rest He covered with hair. True story! I think it's in Leviticus. This class will be three 4 hour sessions. In session 1, we'll watch and learn how to shave a head. During session 2, we'll practice on each other. Finally, session 3 we'll discuss the following aspects of being bald:
- If bald is beautiful, isn't it actually kind to shave our friend's heads while they sleep?
- Shaving heads will save the environment. Shampoo and conditioner production would completely stop!  #BaldBeBetter
- Headbands. Best cranial accessory of all time?

Dog Mind Reading!

Ever really wanted to know what's going through old fluffy's head?
Spoiler alert, it actually is just:
- Food!
- Stranger!
- Ball!
- Squirrel!
- Pet me!
- Poop! (note: only the highly trained can tell the minute difference of excitement in the mind of a dog between food and poop. this is next level stuff.)

Have questions before you signup?

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Let us know!

hahahahahaha... never gets old .... I could watch this all day.